Snap Maps for Mums – Part Two

There is a massive clue in the sceenshot below! Its just a shame you can’t share this experience live. Tickets to Colddplay flew out and if like me you are at home with the kids…….read on!!


So we are on Snap Maps and there is a Coldplay concert in  – you guessed it Croke Park – starting any time soon. The Glow of users connecting shows on the maps as a hotspot. So when you click on the icon for the event you get to watch all the videos at the location.

I am loving the little helicopter as it flew over head  ❤



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Snap Maps for Mums

If you are a parent of young children, and they are in possession of a mobile phone- I am thinking the stats of this are pretty likely in the high nineties – then you will know this phenomenom called Apps. One of the trending apps currently popular with the youth culture is a messaging app called Snapchat.



Snapchat was originaly intended for sharing captures and videos which are then permanently deleted from the app. This led to a tweak which lets the sender know when someone screencaptures the image by way of an alert.

Moving on from this development, saw the release of Snapmaps. This is a deeply concering feature allowing the phones location to be visible on a map interface. Whilst there is an obvious appeal to see where your friends are hanging out it also allows visibility to an unacceptable level.

As a parent or guardian the first step is to speak with your spawn! Opening the app can be fraught. I was immediately confronted with this harridan staring in shock back at me!! Fear not the escape is simple, pinch the screen and you will  be transported to maps

In the top right of the screen there is a little cog  – aka settings! If you click on this you will be given the option to be Ghost mode – hiden on maps. Friends – as in all their friends on the app, which is a continued misnomer, children can add anyone to their profiles on social media. Finally my preferred option – some friends. Initially they were put as visible only to me the parent.


There is an additional benefit to this setting: you can stalk erm I mean watch out for you children at any time. For the younger daughter this means she gets more freedom in return for keeping Snapchat open in the backgound of her phone. For the elder this means greater freedoms with events like concerts and travel.



As a footnote I would just like to add that the avatar with the platinum hair is not mine!!!!

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Trending in social media and why are patterns emerging.

My OH has just returned from a work meeting enthused by the latest brand centric social media hot topic. I awaited eagerly to hear of this edgy and new business focussed marketing revelation. In due nerdy style I sent him a chat message

“Well, send me the link then?? “

No formalities here, chit chat pleasantries not even an emoticon to spare 🙂 Digit poised over teh enter button I awaited the revelation.

Ping, chat message received



Not quite what I was expecting but some very nice autumnal scenes from my boards lol

Instant reaction was to reply incredulously:

“Corporate marketing, new, this has been around for years!! Did you not search for my account? ”

At this he actually looked up from his Sony Xperia Z1, ( tapping away with the stylus does rather remind me of the kids on their little Nintendo DS versions – hope he doesn’t lose as many pens as the kids do! )

“Actually no I haven’t added any contacts ( Linked In Speaker here) I was hoping you would set it up for me?”

Oh the limitless potential….letting me loose on setting up a discovery tool! Now let me see, oh yes kittens obvs, English roses – as a hint you see?, Tiffany collections – more hints…..

Can you just see the homescreen filling up?

Anyway back to the topic of why Pinterest is the latest marketing meteor….

I never did get a clear answer as to why the company in question was looking at the social media scene not as to why they thought that Pinterest could be made to work for them.



Scroll back a few years and in terms of new marketing breakthroughs, any social media would do – but Facebook had the greatest returns – widest reach, still has.

Evolution brings Twitter to the heights, trends, hashtags, breaking news. Undoubtedly the noise from Twitter brought analytic results for the marketers. Hmm, the click throughs and engagement rates with certain new online demographics? Early adopters being  nose   curious and exlorative types.

So now to Pinterest. An image discovery and sharing platform which has many attractions, beautiful images abound and stylish outfits adorn slender models, elite brands and aspirational pages are mandatory starting points. Most users have some form of wishlist, wishful thinking, one day, iWant ( guilty ) boards where we collate our dreams. Newest wave of explorers well versed in the model now engage and share comfortably. The boundaries that once made us shriek like girls are now within our expanding comfort zones. The ease of acceptance on multi device shows either an extreme ignorance of the data we are agreeing to share or an expanding comfort zone. ( Hello Color – nice to see you back in the image sharing market )

SO. Is it the platforms that are garnering the returns in marketing terms or the early adopter demographic that are more observant of potential discovery?








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Time and Tides – Yahoo/Woohooo………Please Re Brand?

Just been spammed by yet another banner selling the concept of mobile advertising via Yaho0.


Now I know well that ex Google Marissa Meyer is making great changes to the dino domain Yahoo, but why oh why has she not rebranded?

It must be nigh on impossible to resurrect a Dodo brand in this era of Friends Re united, MySpace, Facebook…..

My personal feeling is that I would not currently own up to a Ya who account, but then again oil tankers turn slowly I guess?


As for differentiating mobile ad spend – this is but a momentary blip. How we access the internet will be irrelevant and obviously personal/mobile. OK so no I want to rebrand mobile into personal….yup.

One brand I do sign up for is Pinterest – image sharing supremacy by being subtle.


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Stained Glass

I just couldn’t let this one pass! Having read the Mashable post on Google not allowing their new launch Glasses to be resold/ loaned etc I just had to wonder why on earth not?

Surely if you launch an innovative new product like this you would want as much exposure as possible? Or am I being naive here, and what they are trying to do is control who gets access to this test run? Geek chic accessory or a cool new connectivity device? Either way if I had that sort of funding available….probably wouldn’t be queueing up for these, or at least not until the touch screen model becomes available   😉


Quote from Mashable post:

“You may not resell, loan, transfer or give your Device to any other person. If you resell, loan, transfer or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the Device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the Device will be entitled to any refund, product support or product warranty.”


Quote from Google TOS

Resale and Gifts

You may not commercially resell any Device, but you may give the Device as a gift, unless otherwise set forth in the Device Specific Addendum. Recipients of gifts may need to open and maintain a Google Wallet account in order to receive support from Google. These Terms will also apply to any gift recipient.

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Privacy Piracy

Privacy? Well I would expect to get fleeced on Facebook – and obviously Instagrab know what they are doing in the market place – must have learned the Color way lol

The market is just not quite ready to wholeheartedly abandon all privacy rights – there may be no denying the inevitable but steps along the way please? With all the bluster surrounding image sharing privacy issues the one sign for me that data farming is the new pyramid scheme came with the realisation that sites that I totally sibscribed to and trusted have the same terms.

What Types of User Information Does GigaOM Obtain?

GigaOM may obtain the following types of information from you or concerning your computer or device (“Information”), which may include information that can be used to identify you as specified below (“Personally Identifiable Information”):

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number(s)
  • Credit Card Information
  • Blog or Website URL
  • Social Networking Handle or Username
  • Photo
  • Demographic Information (e.g., age, gender, interests, and preferences)
  • Professional Title
  • Company
  • Industry
  • Activities or Content Viewed on GigaOM
  • Information Collected Automatically ( detailed below )
  • Information Received from Third Parties ( detailed below )

In certain cases, we may request that you provide some of the Information identified above in order to obtain specific products or services (such as registering for a GigaOM event or logging in to download a research report from GigaOM). If you choose not to provide the Information we request, you may still use GigaOM, but you may be unable to access certain features or services.
When you register to receive any products or services from GigaOM or provide information to GigaOM in any other manner, you agree to provide only true, accurate, current and complete information.

And this from a site that I trusted and deemed relevant and informative. The price you pay I guess?
So where does this leave the future of data farming? Either you accept albeit sadly that data farming is the new monetization online or you resume life online under one of your alts. It’s relevant data just not connectable and arguably valueless.


Sonneratti 😉

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Color – is it really all washed up?

Have they folded or shut up shop? Or are they waiting for the privacy acceptance levels to settle?.

Did the product fail or was the launch badly managed or both?

Was Mr N naive to think that users would not mind the t and c’s on the mobile app? Or just a wistful assumption that no one really reads them anyway?

There is little doubt that the big money is still chasing this mobile data gold mine, think imgur and Apple’s recruitment for the ex execs of Color ( ref ATD )

If say you wanted to get around people’s natural scepticism of the invasive nature of the data draw down, you could always try a different launch tactic.

The advent of the disposable camera and it’s popularity at weddings gives rise to the potential for a practically disposable ( Economy model sounds better!! – an additional handheld device ) sim enabled device. Then say for an International Event ( dammit just missed the opening ceremony f the Olympics, Obama in Ireland but hey you get the pictures ) the company distributed free devices that auto uploaded to a website illustrating the enet from all angles. Now geo tag and date tag the images and what a valuable record in time. Layer over a mapping interface through chronological order and what a massive layer of images you would be curating.

And maybe over time folk would get used to sharing images more freely and who knows then what they may overlook?

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