What can I say?

Back on Hashable – still trying to fit concept to purpose and use. Kinda like the atmosphere and the leaders are very friendly and helpful.




#Dark Confessions

I watch X Factor with my two daughters.

Its fun, its contrived, its scripted, its a nonsense, it’s talked about. It’s a winner. For SCowl….oh sorry SyCo getting a theme here.

Anyway – daughters prefer it to the Late Late Toy Show because they didn’t force Jedwards on them.

Y Factor

Just why are they celebs? Why are they still there. Political machinations and sub plots? Much more fascinating discussion.

Try putting the contestants names into Yahoo Clues – wicked huh??

Oh you want a link – can’t you do Google?


Awesome tool that ^^^

Play a game – change the songs with the contestants?

Virtual Tourista


Well if you give me an option to delete inane content then I will feel obliged to comply.

And replace it with inane drivel.

My weekend was spent shoveling concrete and sand and mixing cement. Installed a woodburner stove which is rapidly becoming the heart of the homestead, which is unconventional to say the least. More about that some time……

For now the homestead aka Magpie’s Nest is full of salukis, chickens, geese and horses. I love my starter orchard and I love growing plants for decor and crops.


About Callieo

Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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