iWas wrong….

Ok you don’t often hear me say that, let alone write it……but a year ago I wrote about the iPad on the Really Simple website:

Click for link to post

For me the iPad is the digital equivalent of a glossy magazine. It is sleek, beautiful, and dramatically enhances the user experience, the consumer of content.  But it is nothing more revolutionary than that.

That’s not to say it hasn’t got its place. Not every internet user wants all the functionality of a computer, for many it is enough to be able to read features and enjoy shared photographs.

When you take into account the percentage of content users to content creators, this still allows for a massive market place.”

The point I simply did not see at that time was the massive difference in navigation. Having since acquired a Samsung Galaxy S with its touchscreen functionality, I am firmly convinced that the demise of the keyboard is coming. I am talking in general not just the mobile sector.

I have been iwanting about a dual touch screen paperbook sized handheld device, one screen can operate as a keypad if desired, both screens as a reader ( old traditionalist at heart ) or any combination the designer can think of! Imagine the freedom – doubles the screen size and also added screen protection when closed.

This new navigation is intuitive and essentially seductive – see original post (and everyone has seen the Youtube babies and cats on ipads). Only this morning iwanted a dual touchscreen Acer *searches Tweets for link*

click to link to Techcrunch review

I must get to play with a Tab – preferably a Galaxy Tab……..

Note to Samsung : have just sold Andrew on the concept as I write lol

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