Wireless – I wish

Tablets and smart phones, dual screen net books – all feature the new navigation losing the qwerty keyboard over simpler manouvers on the touch screen. Mice have been successfully rentokilled out of the equation and keypads are more and more optional.
I wonder what that means for all those Blackberry Boys and their keypads lol?
What does this matter? To me it makes a massive difference in one particular aspect – no wires!!! I seem to spend too much time disentangling and scrabbling about with plaits of wires – it can’t be good for the electrical fields!
Imagine the freedom of carrying round a tablet device – no more of that old style VOiP using headsets traditionally plugged in . No more dragging the laptop onto the floor when the hounds walk through. Polite request- can you charge a tablet via NFC or Bluetooth please?

As I struggle to type this on my old style laptop I am tethered to my daughter Jemima who is *meddling* on my iPhone which is charging (attempting to anyway) via said laptop which is also plugged in and charging. So when the pan boils over on the stove my natural multitasking gets tested….I could do without the layer that is disentangling, extricating and dashing through to stove. It affects my domestic prowess you see ……..
[Jemima] Mum usually cooks with a personal timer also known as a smoke alarm ill be honest shes no Gorden Ramsey (wink wink)[/Jemima]

And you think you are getting an iPhone now huh?? Actually did consider an older iphone for her as she spends so much texting and would introduce WhatsApp to her friends. Yup peer pressure (evil grin)

So iWanting I think something like the dual screen pocket sized that I can waltz around the farm with making notes and updating as I walk the hounds. If it had a decent camera too…

But for photoshopping and editing video I would bluetooth the files over to either laptop or pc.

Touchscreens simplify the user experience and yes I do mean user experience as in primarily passive. Again the content consumption over the content creation – I may be wrong about the tablets though I can see how the touch screen interface could interact with visual media.

So will we be in the market for a tablet device – who knows? It will likely not be the iPad though as I am not keen on the IOS, preferring the open road of the web to the cul-de-sacs of the apps market.

About Callieo

Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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