Loyalty – Brands or Networks?

What builds loyalty these days? Not in the sense of the supermarket loyalty card which has in essence become redundant, mainly in part to the few big names all adopting a similar stance.When we say it generates bulging wallets, it is usually purely in the sense of multiple loyalty cards. Hmmmm.
Moving at the mobile phone market – oh come on!  Supermarkets are sooo yesterday and you can shop on a mobile too!

The past year has seen me sniffing warily around the smart phone market, wanting to join in the fun but waiting and waiting for the next phone just around the corner. Earlier this year I finally, after too much deliberation, dived into the market with a Samsung Galaxy S – a beautiful effective piece.

click for link

There were two main factors behind this long debated decision:
a) A superb build up to this all singing all dancing handset – click on the image above.
b) I already had a Samsung touch screen handset and was comfortable/familiar with the brand.

c) oops can’t count – I could order it on an impulse online ………

There is a fourth dimesnion here which I completely took for granted – coverage and carrier. I did not even consider changing carrier ( Vodafone  ). The fact that the handset iWanted was available from the carrier made the decision seamless.

Forward a couple of months and a project I am working on was already live on iPhone apps no imminent sign of an Android release. Now I really needed to be familiar with this concept. ( Yes I can justify a new toy with the best of them lol )

Almost reluctantly I bought a iPhone 3GS – not a 4 – that would have been indulgent.

Now, as a brand new purchase this should have been exciting, thrilling, an experience of awe and wonder. It was borne out of necessity.
The handset was beautifully packaged and presented – but that surely is a given in a smart market now. Sim insertion non standard to me but manageable, activation through iTunes – walls closing in now…..

You cannot deny the sheer beauty and solidity of the handset. It is elegant and effortless to operate. Slick and smooth.

And yet – what was wrong here? Surely the Apple branded ( and they brand deep and hard – cool cookie that Steve J ) handset should have won me over big time?
Apparently not. I am still noticing small things in the apps stores mostly – free in Android, small payment in the APPle store. Niggling little things. The freedom of the web versus download that app.

The question has been bandied about on Twitter recently, who has moved away from an iPhone? The answer I suspect is very few. Once you have bought into the Apple way, I doubt you would move on, accustomed to the security of the walled garden aspect.

iWonder what the future holds? Android gaining heavily and quite rightly so ( inner Google Bunny coming to the fore )  Will I be tempted by an aluminium cased i5?

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Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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