Desert Island Discussions

Desert Island Discussions 

You are allowed 8 music downloads, one ebook and one luxury login – which would you choose for the login? Obviously we are not going to abandon you an an island without 3G access/broadband – that would be inhuman.

Desert iLand?

The login option refers to whether you would opt for a Google login with all the open web access it enables, a Facebook login, whilst allowing alot of games and the like, very limited in terms of access, the massive wall, or maybe an Apple login – again restricted to apps?
One account – Apple itunes, Google or Fbook? and why? Each has it’s own use and character.

No choice for me – it would be my Google account. Lets look at all the functionality this would offer a castaway?
Books – plenty of reading matter
Maps – geolocate your island and plot a rescue ( in due time of course! You want to enjoy the peace, the solitude and of course the sun is a given )
Latitude – keep an remote eye on the rest of the family lol
Gmail – organize and galvanise rescue plan
Search – world really is your oyster?
Calender – schedule your extended break
Picassa – upload enviable beach scenes for your envious friends
Blogger – well folks at home will want to know what you are up to?
Sites – create an interactive experience of the event
Places – Just how far has the Dominoes franchise extended??
You Tube – casual entertainment and content consumption
Docs – share a wishlist, share an intinerary
Alerts – check up on the Virtual Tourist blog…..

Need I go on?

What would you get if you chose Facebook?
Friends –  Well alot of fairweather friends might come in handy I suppose – apt anyway.
Games – not sure how long you could seriously endure Fake Farmville on an all coconut diet.
Wall – vicarious enjoyment of what your friends are up to without you.
Messages – the people I want to chat to aren’t on Facebook…….oh well lol

Ok so maybe I had my iphone with me and chose Apple ID – a Desert iLand choice?

Apps – loads of apps, thousands of apps. Where do I start. Oh yes of course the free apps.
At least I could use my current all time favourite App – WhatsApp

With this I could live vicariously with my friends and family. 

One example of this happened yesterday when I dashed out to Tesco. Two pairs of shoes, eleven year old daughter with impeccable taste, what to do? Easy wapping over images comments coming back in a stream thats easy to follow. Pefect result. Happy daughter and happy Mum!

So what downloads would you take and which login?


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Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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