Smart Phones?

Recently I have been fortunate enough to play with three smart phones – an interesting experience indeed! 🙂

Each phone has it’s own particular style and functionality, I guess it would be wrong to call it a personality, anthropomorphising a handset seems wrong on too many levels! ( Actually the word sounds wrong too….oh well)

Nokia N8

This is definately the Rolex of the trio, it feels solid and deliciously ice cold in the hand. Although the screen is small in comparison the picture is clean and crisp. This phone has one feature which totally stands alone in the field, the Carl Zeiss lens and the 12 mp camera, undeniably excellent photographic capacity, in reality this is a camera with internet and telephony! The keyboard is interesting, portrait the standard phone keypad switches to qwerty on landscape. The feel of a click when the keypad clicks is excellent – you really feel the vibrate and this should please keyboard bashers!

The model I had was on Symbian and the Ovi store, I understand that it will be available with Android, and as soon as that happens I know that my brother will be upgrading to the Nokia N8 from iPhone!

In conclusion this smart phone is ideally suited to journalists and reporters 😉 being serious this is a beautiful handset, robust and functional and very very fast!

Samsung Galaxy S

This is my primary handset and the Cartier of the set. I love the size of the screen, it is slimline and light, obviously Google and Android are the major asset for me – I have to have the open and light OS.

Not so keen on how plastic and fragile it feels – that said it is still intact and working despite the rigors of my handbag. It doesn’t however, have that oh so seductive “click” that the other two have in buckets, that feel that is neither a vibrate nor a sound, just an inner “click” – you have to feel it to know what I am struggling to describe!

I think it says it all that this is my primary mobile! That said I rarely use text or even telephony on any of the handsets, preferring Skype, Whatsapp, Fring etc so the most important factor for me is internet access, and camera. I want to be able to send and share media on the go, whether it is by way of speech, message, images or video.

iPhone 3GS

This is a gorgeous handset, the Gucci of the trio. Heavy and solid feel again as expected, the screen is supersensitive and the general handling and use is excellent. On it’s own the handset is fantastic, camera and messaging are great. It’s not great on appsand the store is noticeably premium priced ( I like free lol – and yes I know *free* is a dodgy business model ) It is not my primary phone because i like open web and not apps based, opens app, closes app, I like discovery and search, it’s about the journey online, I often have no idea what I actually want so how can I find an app? ( Note – searching apps is more complex an issue – Quixy and Silk names to note here – more later! )

This phone is ideal for the content consumer – reading magazines is rendered stunning using Flipboard, watching video and playing games.

I’d hazard a generalisation that the iPhone has two distinct user groups: the social media for dummies brigade who rely on the apps to simplify their profiles on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Then you have the status accessory that use the smart phone as a telephone and text handset and who can blame them it is a beautiful stylish handset with it’s Snow White bitten apple logo?

Hang on a second, I missed out on a third category! 😕 That being the kids who pinch their mum’s iPhone and then download pages of games and gadgets……stern look Jemima!

About Callieo

Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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