Beta Bunny reviews Localmind

With a spate of geo-locational apps flooding the market and competing for our check-ins ( aka our data ) Localmind enables users to ask other Localminds questions based upon their location. This is a step towards making apps that have a purpose but I have to wonder if it is really still a step or two away from having a useful purpose.Back to the app – iPhone version firstYou log in to the app using another account – Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook or Gowalla ( and you agree to sharing your accrued data therein! ) I resisted allowing access to my F Book account as I don’t trust FBook – apart from the fact that I never disclose anything on any account which I wouldn’t want on the web.

Once logged in you see a fabulous map showing the locations of other Localminds which you can contact to ask questions.
Please note that each Localmind pin is not necessarily a separate login, pins are created from checkins on other apps, so having checked in three times today I appear to have three alter egos on screen!

Localmind on Android

I won’t say too much about this as it is very poor in comparison to the IOS app – I know it is still in development so lets hope that it develops to the same visual standards. It is vital that the smae degree of user experience is maintained in the next generation of navigation that is not led by a keyboard and mouse combo. The whole concept of mobile apps is that they are focussed on the Touch Screen Navigation and maximise the user experience that way.

The Future

I love the concept of Localmind, it has exploded in US and native Canada but I would guess that the European and certainly UK ireland uptake is somewhat more restrained as is the culture. Not all Europeans are as comfortable chatting with online strangers and it may need more a focus and reason to engage.

Would also be great to build layers and history so that there is a build of local information availabe over time. Curating conversations so that one liners don’t get lost….

General Information on the App and it’s founders Lenny Rachitsky and Beau Haugh on the Localmind Blog

Post script thoughts…

With the smart phone penetration demographics pointing to the thirties and forties as smart users ( as opposed to text and fBookers ) the thirties to forties and even fifties I do wonder if there needs to be more of a purpose or content to an app that is one liner shout outs.

As with the sister app Assisted Serendipity ( absolutely adore the name….cues gratuitous photo of daughter’s saluki aka Seren-Dipity )

Anyway back to the AS – an app that alerts you when your favourite bars/clubs male to female ratio tips into favourable balance…surely solely geared to the young and trendy and not the more mature markets who might be seeking something more substantial. I am left wondering if Localmind will evolve into offering something more substantial and longterm for a wider audience. I hope so as I for one love the concept! 🙂

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Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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4 Responses to Beta Bunny reviews Localmind

  1. Nishant Pant says:

    Localmind is a pretty cool app. To your point about capturing history, you might want to check out our app Loqly – Loqly builds on QnA around places and businesses so that nothing gets lost and people can benefit from conversations in the past

  2. Callieo says:

    Thanks Nishant!

    Missed the link in admin interface * blush*

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