Reflections on conversations over time

Asynchronous conversations probably started out with the advent of a postal system and handwritten letters – images of the traditional postie on his trusty bike, sauntering up the gravel paths to the front door, popping a bundle of assorted envelopes through the letterbox.

Fast forward to this morning when we have the myriad of options for communications, how on earth do we choose which media to use? We range from face to face conversation, through voice – telephone or VOiP apps, Facetime, iChat, video conferencing, written conversation becomes a chapter all of it’s own ( shall we discount written letters for this conversation? )

Looking at written communications on the internet as we know and love it; options range from the slightly formal, business feel email, through Instant Messaging protocols ( IM ) like Skype, Google chat etc, Direct Message DM or Private Message ( PM ) via message boards, Twitter Facebook. The list grows by the day as new channels are created by developers.

The ubiquitous applications that can be used on the PC, the laptop and the Smart phones mean that conversations can be carried from device to device. This portability aspect is growing in importance as the devices fracture and evolve functionality, it is no longer beyond the realms that users will move from Chromebooks to smartphones seamlessly.

Multiple device ownership – we are accustomed to this profile, moreover have indeed been sold this concept over the decades.Just think mobile phone, GPS, camera, voice recorder, notebook, pens, wallets/purses (nods to GoogleWallet ) camcorder, bookshelf, mapbooks, iPod, internet connection, portable pc……see what I mean?

All of this amazing functionality combined into the ultimate Smartphone. Obviously with a Smartphone born every minute each brand will find a niche, whether it will be the camera/camcorder functionality, the OS, NFC, Apps Store, Tarif and free texts ( joke)

How many conversations are on a static landline, the mobile phone took flight for the conversationalists, will the communication apps over the internet take the role of the actual phone in the new era of conversations?  ( No wonder some companies wanted to tie you into three year contracts! )

I know that it already has in this household  😉

and in retrospect the Pay as You Go is a good discipline for the girls us all!

About Callieo

Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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