Can soaps save ink?

When television first became mainstream I imagine there was a lot of talk and discussion ( not in the blogosphere obviously…) on how this would be the death of newsprint and magazines.  Now with the advent of online access to content, the same is being said, the media is dying, legacy media, dead tree media ( feel like there should be a hashtag inserted before each of those strands)

Soaps are one of the reliable metrics in the media, the ad slot on Corrie and Enders is still one of the most sought after ( Cadbury – please don’t waste a million on dancing second hand clothes) The clever marketing of long term story lines, the voyeuristic approach to watching other peoples lives – some people still struggle to separate fiction from reality.
Interesting to note that there are a new ream of publications on the newsagents shelves – the content that is being sold is *soap spoilers*
Can you believe it?
Sneak previews of what is going to happen int he coming weeks of the plots. Oh well at least it means you don’t need to watch them then?

About Callieo

Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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