Facebook Futures – Stability and Critical Mass

Scaremongering reports, usually entitled “Facebook numbers fall” or “Facebook in decline” – just google for the full variety – lead to suggest the demise of the social media giant. The blogosphere is aghast and thoroughly titllated, offering a vast number of varying opinions on the future of Facebook.

But if you read further, the actual news is that the uptake is not in decline but that the increase in uptake has slowed! Not the same thing at all. Typical spin…….

The figures that I would like to see analysed are the general activity levels over the full number of accounts. Personally, I think that Facebook is still a long long way from critical mass coverage, whether it will achieve it or not waits to be seen.

Activity is not the same as registering new accounts, especially when you consider the following:

How many accounts have been registered but have atrophied into a mere inactive ghost of a presence?

How many duplicated accounts?

How many fake accounts?

How many underage accounts – and this is one area I suspect is massive, Given Mark Z’s recent interest in a Facebook Junior?

If Twitter can verify accounts maybe Facebook would be better employed verifying the user age for instance?

As for face recognition – well, would you trust the notoriously unstable – security wise- Facebook?   NoFacebook.

Part Two to this post will be more on Face recognition, image sharing ( yeah you know how I loved Color lol ) and security issues.

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Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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