Facebook – a bid for world domination in the data mining game?

Facebook is the worlds largest data mine. Personally I do my best to prevent this by lying woefully about my age, gender, location and other variable purchasing decisions. Yes I even use a stolen credit card online, so if anyone still wants my data they are more than welcome!
OK a little tongue in cheek I know, but essentially that is what Facebook is all about – gathering as much data as it possibly can. Just how much information that is available became a little bit of a focus for me recently when I blogged about the photo sharing app which wowed the blogosphere with the astronomical funding it received, Color.
The list of data that the app accessed is shown below – and being homest as tech savvy as I think I am this totally blew me away! ( Click to enlarge )
Back to Facebook, so the trend with the youngsters to be 100% online is mobile. Facebook on the smartphones, apps for this and that, ( Yes Jemima I do know how many PAGES of apps are on my iPhone!!)
So now I am wondering with Facebook apps just what are they accessing, obviously your mobile number and we have heard about the geo locational data being aggregated for whatever innocuous research….but when Facebook announces face identification and image sharing in the same breath, am I alone in wondering the implications of these two functions combined?
The idea that as people share images on Facebook – we all know what these will be like from teens at a party lol – can you imagine the ramifications of taking photos in public? Would we have to ask every single person in shot for a disclaimer?

So apart from concerns over excessive hidden data mining and potentially dangerous image identifying it’s a sunny Galway morning and I am going to shred some thistles that have gotten over enthusiastic in their bid for world/field domination.

About Callieo

Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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2 Responses to Facebook – a bid for world domination in the data mining game?

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  2. Callieo, I just spent the past few minutes reading up through here. It was fun. Keep up the fun blogging. Enjoy Galway, I hear it’s real nice there!

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