Marissa Meyer’s glass ceiling

Wow what amazing times we are living in! This month we have experienced Google +, which for me will forever be synonomous with Marissa Meyers’ amazing glass ceiling  (nice touch MM )

If all that weren’t enough we have been able to watch a revolution online – the social media explosion that has rocked News Corpse – and lets face it it’s not over yet by any means. Ex NOTW journos tweeting, blogs expanding conspiracy theories and I am sure something is happening on Facebook but it’s not somewhere I hang out – if it were on a survey it is not a brand for people like me….

Ok to recap on the events – Google + for me is intriguing and open. I adore the transparency and the contactablilty the very idea that you can add Mark Zuckerberg to your circle – should you want to of course. Initial impressions were text based but very soon much more multi media – the instantaneous upload from my mobile is brilliant. I am not going to label Google + as an anything killer, but I doubt I will be renewing my Flickr subscription, and I am definately spending less time on Twitter and email – although I use Twitter as a search and discovery engine primarily.

Which leads me neatly onto the News Corpse fiasco – which I have been keeping up to date with on Twitter. Obviously the breaking news feeds are brilliant sources but some of the stars are the ex NOTW journos now twittering away – everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes after all.

How is this all going to end? Is RM going to sacrifice NI for the bigger picture? Will he have the choice? The toxic brand seems to be spreading and leaving a nasty taste. I will confess to the guilty pleasure of a weekly Tesco shop ( Ireland just don’t do superstores…) but this week have foregone this deliberately. I am absolutely the last person to protest or make a stand but actually found myself tweeting and FBooking against advertisers supporting TNOW.

Then last night the hacking hashtag was usurped by Anonymous. Maybe they wanted the hacking hashtag attention back?

So what next? Time for a teabreak and check out the G+ streams

And yes I have a vanity url so if you would be so kind as to virtually wave on Google+
hang on can I mention wave in the same sentence?


If anyone still wants an invite let me know your email?

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Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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