Google+ – Secret Circles, Mobile vs Web Experience and Sharing

Secret Circles
Circles are your very own catalogue and filing system and how you set up and manage them will largely depend on how you use the share and read functions.
Circles can be embedded and duplicated which make micromanaging possible, in depth instructions can be found here
I like the ability to pick out individual names to have a private conversation with, this needs to be differentiated somehow – maybe though settings and enabling a theme? A different highlight for messages shared with one individual. Maybe we could customise this so that we can theme all levels?

There have been some great speculation as to what people have named the circles that you are filed under…”Who is this”, through to “Fit” and you know who you are!  Speculation as to the oddest names for circles abound, although my guesses are that a large number will have an inner circle.

Aside: What if Google search picks up the names of your secret circles to deliver targetted advertising? That could be fun lol

Mobile vs Web experience
One issue I have with the Google+ which is a massive disappointment to me. The disparity between the mobile experience and the online functionality. It could be two totally independent projects, and with HTML5 why not enable user’s to enjoy the full experience? I feel like when I am on the mobile app ( hiss spit 😉 ) that I am pretty disconnected, I can upload images direct to the web but I can’t reply or comment to stream. I am reduced to sticking my nose to the window and watching the party within.

Sharing from Google+

I love being able to share direct to Twitter, and supposedly Facebook but I did notice that a few were saying that FBook has thrown their toys out of the pram YET again and disallowed this.

[Tea break whilst I go check…]

Hmmm photos shared to Facebook wall now only appear as a link.. They did post last night so this is a new change. Tsk shame on you FB kiddies.

Note the change from photo to link

Charitable conclusion – maybe the interface has changed and this will get fixed?

Will G+ remain 18+

Whilst bearing in mind despite the circa 20m users this is still Beta ( OK OK I know Gmail only just graduated….)  it could well be that it is over eighteen for a reason at this point and that it will open to over thirteen at some stage. I am not sure how I personally feel about this. I know I have tweeted that the atmosphere is largely more sensible and why not leave the kids stuff to FBook?
That said the teens are very active users, and would probably not appreciate the dysfunction between the mobile experience. FBook is actually better to use on the native app.

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