Toxic Branding and Social Media Influencers

What was that old adage “There is no such thing as bad publicity”? I think that may have Rupert Murdoch rolling in his grave – no not been Lulzsec hacked – just a phrase

Up until the last few weeks you could probably have got away with the “all publicity is good” theme, however now I do wonder if the so called Toxic Brand may be emerging. The dirt certainly seems to be sticking to News Corpse and with the daily emergence of emails and invoices the future is not looking quite so rosey.

The advent of web2 – for the want of a better description of the evolving internet communication channels –  has altered the voice of the masses. We witnessed the influence of the campaign led by Mumsnet, Twitter and Facebook to curb advertising spend to NOTW which resulted in the closure of the paper. ( Minor caveat here – founder of Mumsnet Justine Roberts, married to Ian Katz, deputy ed of The Guardian?)

Evolution in motion?

There is a new force to be reckoned with here, the power of the social media. The days of press releases to the papers and television advertising will no doubt continue in a legacy media fashion. Time to watch the online influencers and how they operate.


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