Face Recognition – The Elephant in the Room

Back in June of this year, Facebook enabled auto tagging for photographs. The storm of controversy that this unleashed resounded around the net and resulted in a rapid reversal and face recognition was swiftly hidden behind a multitude of privacy settings.So we do still care about personal privacy and face recognition has gone a step too far for the majority of us. Nerves were still frayed after the personal onslaught that was the Google street car ( and perish the thought that the streetcar mapped thousands of IP addresses en route – yet more open cast data mining) so that when face recognition was enabled on Facebook, thousands of us imagined all sorts of implications. OK OK I have an over active imagination – oh…no wait even The Daily Mail ( thanks to ASG for the link ) are envisioning a future where faces are matched and that to search someones information all you need to is take a photo.

Are we surprised that this portal between the real world and the virtual exists? Play about in Layar and that seems wonderful but not quite the direct link. I suppose the best way that I can think about the portal is that the face recognition is just like a QR code for faces.

Q R Face Code

So the giants in the tech trade learn from their mistakes. Sure they do….Facebook requires individuals to register a name, Google forgets to implement this from the start so that when beta invites are taken up by names that Google do not compute they are evicted sans notice.Now we hear that Google have acquired new face recognition technology – are we about to be claimed and named in all our photos?

I suppose that I am uneasy about this because I manage my online presence in that I am constantly aware of the implications of tweeting 4square updates ( default disabled purely because it annoys me seeing updates from others) I know just how much information I am happy with sharing.

As with the Color app I do not like nor feel comfortable with invasive or non consenting technology. If it is a case of allowing this technology each time then that would be ok. Probably more so because photos of me on the internet are seriously ultra rare so by my reckoning not gonna get tagged and outed lol

So to sum up – QR codes on t shirts with your Google+ / Facebook url are cute and funny, auto face recognition data creepy. Voluntary and known vs unknown and sneaky.I am anonymous


About Callieo

Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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