All publicity is good publicity right ? The era of the Toxic Brand and social media’s voice.

If the Murdoch’s coined the phrase Toxic Brand then AirBnB are certainly perpetuating it. Every RSS feed, update, Tweet is focussing on the about turn repair that AirBnB are trying to influence opinion and repair their brand. Too little too late.


Once you could release information to the press for timely dissemination to the uninformed proletariat and control what your brand portrays. Now the backlash that is social media is showing it’s power.
I’m not going to rehash the story behind the Toxic Branding story – suffice it to say a touch of naive management of events, which was rapidly spread about the internet world. Had AirBnB not been pretty much spamming the webs with adverts this effect would likely not have happened as to be on radar you have to be a familiar brand.

As with the launch of Color, and the subsequent backlash post launch. Manage expectations based upon a trial and lets get back to proper focus group testing and human reactions. This new era of communication demands a degree of transparency that would scare a politician!
Brand management in this era of authenticity is an art requiring an understanding of the human mind and not just legacy marketing strategies.

New era New rules.

About Callieo

Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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