Mark Z you keep asking me to donate my data free? And then you… sell it.

Facebook refinements drive niche marketing – that is as solid as the fact that the mega corps valuations are based on data mining ( Plenty of previous posts on Open cast data mining and Facebook domination ) . With the advent of this latest status option – the ability to announce on Facebook that you are expecting ( Does this work on the father’s profile too – wicked way to out a footballer’s love children lol ) you are creating a niche advertising magnet. The second that you update your status expect to get flooded with pampers, wipes and samples of all pregnancy baby paraphenlia.

What next? Lets segregate pet owners? Add your household data to your profile? Owned by/In a relationship with two dogs and three cats? – Expect pet accesories and food offers.

Lets not forget culinary preferences – we need options for omnivore/carnivore/vegetarian/vegan/gluten free. More neat niche advertising magnets.

But just wait up a moment – If you – like me – are fed up of spam, then maybe this targeted advertising is not such a bad  thing after all? Lets face it I am sooo fed up with Living Social offers which are not local and definately not for me lol!

And now finally to the point:

BUT and this is a massive caveat, why should Zuckerberg earn his billions through selling MY data admittedly freely given. How about we have a look at a fairer concept – I will tailor profiles and provide comprehensive data, provided that you reward me properly. Not just random discounts but a proper return for my data.

Room for discussion?

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Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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