Glitch – The New Glee?

This last week has been all about Glitch – the latest and as we write still in Beta last minutes test MMORPG
( massive multi player online role playing game don’t you know? 😉  )

Farewell cruel world.......

Glitch is the latest creation and I use the term creation advisedly, from the Tiny Speck team led by Stewart Butterfield of Flickr fame. This must have been one amazing project to be involved in, creating worlds and streets, characters and games, trials and even a few tricks along the way.

The graphics are amazing and the sequences of learning tasks and events are testing enough so that you can’t necesarily fly through the levels. Although one or two must have lived 24/7 online – respect to you guys 🙂 – lets just hope the developer team don’t decide to have one last reset?

You create and personalise your avatar as usual, clothing, masks and disguises abound in this world! You then procede on a number of learning tasks to show you how to navigate the world, which is pretty intuitive to be fair.

The last reset was interesting – the countdown in Beta to the last reset where all previously amassed worldly goods were wiped clean led to a riot of parties across the map. Many were gleefully abandoning their goods along the way, decorating forests with jars of fireflies and glittering emblems, filling caves with glittering sparkly rocks

Links to a great collection of them here.

The very last reset was upon us and a collection of final parties in hell ensued – Hell is where you go if you forget to eat and run out of energy btw, little graves with SIH littered the streets ( SIH – may mean Squishing In Hell referring to the way to escape Hell is by squishing eleven bunches of grapes )Post Reset the world was quiet, everybody dashing around after the very same tasks and resources. Many remarked on how few butterflies were about – maybe we are supposed to hatch and release ? Two days of manic task mastering to ensure properties were duly purchased and various levels attained before the final curtain.

Midnight – well the final moment – arrived and now there is one last test before the fascinating Glitchian world opens for all.

[Child Like Petulance]  I can’t wait!  [/CLP]

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Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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