FBi – it’s not all about me

“Timeline has changed the media landscape” “ No it hasn’t” debates continue. FWIW Timeline only highlights what you have already publicly shared on one single site. It makes for a pretty design feature but it is essentially superficial in that all the information that it aggregates you have already shared publicly. OK so it may highlight the fact that you shared some dubious photos many years back but you can always hide that in the timeline and highlight the highpoints on your soon to be landing page. A mash up of memolane and about.me but only from the single viewpoint.

My FBi profile only reflects one facet of my personal profile and that is my fault if you like. I use individual media sites to reflect different assets of me-ness. Just as I would behave in slightly different manner in different RL settings – formal, informal, personal, impersonal, professional and playful.To be really headline worthy and not just slow news day I would like a timeline that reflects all aspects of me-centricity – a sort of portal reaching out across the world wide web returning photos, posts, comments on blogs, tweets, shares.Last word on Facebook – for me I would probably embrace it fully if it was not fronted by MZ. Take Bill Gates public profile for example, think Steve Jobs public persona and then you have public profile of Mark Zuckerberg.I am on FBi inspite of him – but I am also damn sure he could not care less and is laughing all the way to his bank! 🙂

About Callieo

Lives with a pack of salukis in the middle of fields in Galway, shares said fields with some warmblood horses.
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