Disgruntled ex-employee……….

The last few days has seen the rapid rise in “Disgruntled ex employee” posts on the ‘net, so much so that I have donned my cyniCallie persona to question the integrity of these posts.

A personal blog post arguing a genuine feeling of disgruntledom would pass the credulity bar but when it is replicated allover ( see links below for multiple posting disorders ) the web it starts to stink of spin.

Just Google (or Bing – note to MS Binging just doesn’t cut it the same as Google it )  James Whittaker and you will see a mass of links and discussions Google vs Microsoft. Bodes well for his future employment – can just see HR googling him for references…..

So, JW leaves Google stating that they no longer encourage experimental 20% projects, where providing that your core function ( the 80% ) is kept to standards, Google encourage other splinter projects.

“The Google I was passionate about was a technology company that empowered its employees to innovate. The Google I left was an advertising company with a single corporate-mandated focus.”


Another link to same stuff


Who IS this guys PR Agent???

Coverage worthy of Posh and Becks?

OK OK get the picture…

Yes, Google is a business. Google does have responsibilities to shareholders, investors, employees the works so yes it is a corporate body. I don’t think anyone could argue that point…money doesn’t just talk. Money dictates. Microsoft shareholders must be worrying about the new ethos.
So he decides to leave Google for Microsoft? To leave a company that is openly committed to the future of the web, be it social or corporate…..for a company that wants the future to be viewed through a slightly grainy old window, wooden framed even. Just my opinion but he is mad lol

Wild West Web

In fairness the game is open, no one can say for sure how the internet use will evolve, that is down to the users en masse. Can’t deny the figures at Facebook, but FB is just the evolved Friends Reunited ( social again ) Twitter is growing so fast, but is it intuitive to manage?

Back to the anti-social Google accusations…..on the day the news breaks that Kevin Rose is joining the team Google. Last laugh anyone…

Seriously though – when do alarm bells start to ring? Integrity and transparency are uber buzzy. Authenticity is pretty up there too.

Microsoft – recent issues with licencing, struggling with mobile ( Post about the Nokia lumia 800 coming soon )  – just sayin’


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