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Current hot trends for development appear to be split between geo spatial / local and image sharing. Most focus is being spent on developing for mobile devices, but to step back to a fuller picture and encapsulate all devices together, tablets, mobile phones, net books etc then ignore the operating systems as just local dialects foreign languages.

(needs more explanation of why OS’s are just languages like French or Russian)

Google are amazing in what they enable, through their suite of apps through to the ultimate search engine. Not to mention uber databasing….

But……….why are all their products separate entities?

For image sharing we use Picassa, for geo location we use Latitude, there are Google Places oh and not to mention the ultimate sharing stream that is  G+

What if we revisited from a user perspective, mine that is. Oh the ego lol

Taken that geo is important, in that it is the basis for all local and geo stuff, so we start with the Google Universal Map, GUM….( ok ok so the Russian supermarket may spring to mind rather than a software platform).

The Universal Map could then be searched through the usual filters, images, history, tracks, places. Tagging would deepen and refine the filters. Scrolling in and out to enable a wider field.

From a user creating content perspective tracks could be uploaded directly onto the map encapsulating nodes and images, the user that uploaded could opt to own the track or make it public. Comments could be left if public and other users could contribute to the public track by uploading more images, comments. Hey we could even go social and search from this basis and find other similar tracks. Journey sharing, commute and want to share the diesel cost? Delivery vehicles looking to maximize loads?
Event planning? Still based around geo, the event has to have a venue after all?

Images could be uploaded to the GUM, imaging tracing the history and watching images from the past. An amazing archive over time.


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