Futures – One

Mobile – the attractions and the trends.

Why is mobile content consumption growing exponentially? There are many factors at play here – but lets start with the first premise of mobile. Yep, that is it – it’s mobile, portable, with you when you are out and about, commuting travelling, in waiting rooms, coffee bars, librarys – so whereas you once bought a paper at the station, boarded a plane with a chicklit that weighs more than your make up bag…now that super shiny Samsung Galaxy Note ( current aspirational device of choice ) slips into your clutch bag, or your briefcase, or even your pocket.

These handheld devices – neatly encapsulates tablets, pads and smartphones of all sizes – are able to provide literature, movies, photos, social sharing, reviews, price comparisons, maps, local search, shopping lists, mobile payments, updates, alarms, torches, spirit levels KK the list is a lot longer than this page and my attention span can stand.

So we have devices that deliver convenient content on demand. The rise in the popularity of e readers and the vast array of ebooks available grow the market in the same way that cheese and onion and salt and vinegar made the ready salted crisp market share evolve.

Video and streaming , film, video, television broadcasting – next

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Random geo musings……

Another update

Edited to add


Current hot trends for development appear to be split between geo spatial / local and image sharing. Most focus is being spent on developing for mobile devices, but to step back to a fuller picture and encapsulate all devices together, tablets, mobile phones, net books etc then ignore the operating systems as just local dialects foreign languages.

(needs more explanation of why OS’s are just languages like French or Russian)

Google are amazing in what they enable, through their suite of apps through to the ultimate search engine. Not to mention uber databasing….

But……….why are all their products separate entities?

For image sharing we use Picassa, for geo location we use Latitude, there are Google Places oh and not to mention the ultimate sharing stream that is  G+

What if we revisited from a user perspective, mine that is. Oh the ego lol

Taken that geo is important, in that it is the basis for all local and geo stuff, so we start with the Google Universal Map, GUM….( ok ok so the Russian supermarket may spring to mind rather than a software platform).

The Universal Map could then be searched through the usual filters, images, history, tracks, places. Tagging would deepen and refine the filters. Scrolling in and out to enable a wider field.

From a user creating content perspective tracks could be uploaded directly onto the map encapsulating nodes and images, the user that uploaded could opt to own the track or make it public. Comments could be left if public and other users could contribute to the public track by uploading more images, comments. Hey we could even go social and search from this basis and find other similar tracks. Journey sharing, commute and want to share the diesel cost? Delivery vehicles looking to maximize loads?
Event planning? Still based around geo, the event has to have a venue after all?

Images could be uploaded to the GUM, imaging tracing the history and watching images from the past. An amazing archive over time.

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Disgruntled ex-employee……….

The last few days has seen the rapid rise in “Disgruntled ex employee” posts on the ‘net, so much so that I have donned my cyniCallie persona to question the integrity of these posts.

A personal blog post arguing a genuine feeling of disgruntledom would pass the credulity bar but when it is replicated allover ( see links below for multiple posting disorders ) the web it starts to stink of spin.

Just Google (or Bing – note to MS Binging just doesn’t cut it the same as Google it )  James Whittaker and you will see a mass of links and discussions Google vs Microsoft. Bodes well for his future employment – can just see HR googling him for references…..

So, JW leaves Google stating that they no longer encourage experimental 20% projects, where providing that your core function ( the 80% ) is kept to standards, Google encourage other splinter projects.

“The Google I was passionate about was a technology company that empowered its employees to innovate. The Google I left was an advertising company with a single corporate-mandated focus.”


Another link to same stuff


Who IS this guys PR Agent???

Coverage worthy of Posh and Becks?

OK OK get the picture…

Yes, Google is a business. Google does have responsibilities to shareholders, investors, employees the works so yes it is a corporate body. I don’t think anyone could argue that point…money doesn’t just talk. Money dictates. Microsoft shareholders must be worrying about the new ethos.
So he decides to leave Google for Microsoft? To leave a company that is openly committed to the future of the web, be it social or corporate…..for a company that wants the future to be viewed through a slightly grainy old window, wooden framed even. Just my opinion but he is mad lol

Wild West Web

In fairness the game is open, no one can say for sure how the internet use will evolve, that is down to the users en masse. Can’t deny the figures at Facebook, but FB is just the evolved Friends Reunited ( social again ) Twitter is growing so fast, but is it intuitive to manage?

Back to the anti-social Google accusations…..on the day the news breaks that Kevin Rose is joining the team Google. Last laugh anyone…

Seriously though – when do alarm bells start to ring? Integrity and transparency are uber buzzy. Authenticity is pretty up there too.

Microsoft – recent issues with licencing, struggling with mobile ( Post about the Nokia lumia 800 coming soon )  – just sayin’


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Data Mining vs Conversation

Data mining – such a cold hard feel to it. But in essence, all it really is, is information gathering, and just perhaps we ought to be grateful that the information is gathere/harvested without ever troubling us nor even flickering our consciousness.

And yet, as humans, is that sterile one way traffic a satisfactory transaction?

In the good old days, and here I am talking about the archetypal Arkwright’s corner store ( ok so only a few will know what I am referring to here…)

Once upon a time you entered a corner shop, the bell over the door alerting the shopkeeper of your arrival, you would approach the counter and …….start up a conversation. A conversation which is a two way dialogue, the purpose of which is two fold – information gathering on the shopkeepers part and information gaining on the potential purchasers part. “Two way” being the key point. You could add dynamic, human contact, local knowledge ( aka gossip?) – but the point is that the conversation is a fundamental human social interaction.


OK so not everyone wants to engage in a conversation when buying a bag of sugar, but on accasions the human touch of a dialogue can genuinely enhance the experience.

So data clusters around transactions? ( Transactional data ) Some data pre empts the transactional data – think geolocational triggering mobile events.


Who benefits from all this data aggregation?

Do we the punters get served more targetted spam adverts? Personally not convinced – just take a glance at my Groupon / Living Social offers – I won’t elaborate but needless to say not targetted to my needs in any aspect and as such extremely negative influence – if you can’t get that first step right how can I trust you in future?

ooops off track again….back to the who benefits question. The only winner in the data gathering game is the broker of said data.

The transaction in question being the one where data is sold for cold hard cash. Every marketer will acknowledge the value of data – just look at my semi rant above? Targeting is vital in any credible brand campaign.

Now I am off to have a look at how mobile phones relay data…..all the apps we so freely install and leave dormant on our handsets ad infinitum.




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Find Us On Facebook?

The banners are spawning in shop windows, on the footer of advertising posters, on business cards, fliers everywhere a brand should be.

But why issue such a pointless challenge? The obvious answer has to be that if you adept enough at search then you will indeed be able to find anything on Facebook. However if you are a mere mortal like me, you may indeed be fazed by the myriad of options – are you searching for a page? A place? A Profile? Hell, even all three……

*goes back to Google*

What search terms should you enter and more to the point where do you start your search from….your home page?

Ok lets say that you do manage to successfully navigate the labrynth that is Facebook these days and find a page ( Profile/place/photograph album/wall…) what are you expecting to find?

Find Us On Facebook……to see our latest special offers? To get advance notifications of our newest range. To see our new locations, to see where we are based, to learn more about our business……..

At least offer a reason for finding on Facebook or add a QR code with the direct link to the page you want them to visit.

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FBi – it’s not all about me

“Timeline has changed the media landscape” “ No it hasn’t” debates continue. FWIW Timeline only highlights what you have already publicly shared on one single site. It makes for a pretty design feature but it is essentially superficial in that all the information that it aggregates you have already shared publicly. OK so it may highlight the fact that you shared some dubious photos many years back but you can always hide that in the timeline and highlight the highpoints on your soon to be landing page. A mash up of memolane and about.me but only from the single viewpoint.

My FBi profile only reflects one facet of my personal profile and that is my fault if you like. I use individual media sites to reflect different assets of me-ness. Just as I would behave in slightly different manner in different RL settings – formal, informal, personal, impersonal, professional and playful.To be really headline worthy and not just slow news day I would like a timeline that reflects all aspects of me-centricity – a sort of portal reaching out across the world wide web returning photos, posts, comments on blogs, tweets, shares.Last word on Facebook – for me I would probably embrace it fully if it was not fronted by MZ. Take Bill Gates public profile for example, think Steve Jobs public persona and then you have public profile of Mark Zuckerberg.I am on FBi inspite of him – but I am also damn sure he could not care less and is laughing all the way to his bank! 🙂

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Glitch – The New Glee?

This last week has been all about Glitch – the latest and as we write still in Beta last minutes test MMORPG
( massive multi player online role playing game don’t you know? 😉  )

Farewell cruel world.......

Glitch is the latest creation and I use the term creation advisedly, from the Tiny Speck team led by Stewart Butterfield of Flickr fame. This must have been one amazing project to be involved in, creating worlds and streets, characters and games, trials and even a few tricks along the way.

The graphics are amazing and the sequences of learning tasks and events are testing enough so that you can’t necesarily fly through the levels. Although one or two must have lived 24/7 online – respect to you guys 🙂 – lets just hope the developer team don’t decide to have one last reset?

You create and personalise your avatar as usual, clothing, masks and disguises abound in this world! You then procede on a number of learning tasks to show you how to navigate the world, which is pretty intuitive to be fair.

The last reset was interesting – the countdown in Beta to the last reset where all previously amassed worldly goods were wiped clean led to a riot of parties across the map. Many were gleefully abandoning their goods along the way, decorating forests with jars of fireflies and glittering emblems, filling caves with glittering sparkly rocks

Links to a great collection of them here.

The very last reset was upon us and a collection of final parties in hell ensued – Hell is where you go if you forget to eat and run out of energy btw, little graves with SIH littered the streets ( SIH – may mean Squishing In Hell referring to the way to escape Hell is by squishing eleven bunches of grapes )Post Reset the world was quiet, everybody dashing around after the very same tasks and resources. Many remarked on how few butterflies were about – maybe we are supposed to hatch and release ? Two days of manic task mastering to ensure properties were duly purchased and various levels attained before the final curtain.

Midnight – well the final moment – arrived and now there is one last test before the fascinating Glitchian world opens for all.

[Child Like Petulance]  I can’t wait!  [/CLP]

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